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Thread: Upgrade Front drive shaft on 2004 WJ

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    Default Upgrade Front drive shaft on 2004 WJ

    So I am trying to install the Iron Rock Off-road New double cardan C.V. driveshaft (top picture) I currently have the drive shaft that is stock and looks like the picture labeled 12 and 1 in the bottom picture. ( This kit comes with everything you need to convert your ball in socket Saginaw front driveshaft to a U-joint style C.V. driveshaft. Although not very strong, the factory Saginaw driveshaft works fine up to a lift height of about 4". Beyond 4" of lift this driveshaft may not be able to tolerate the angle created by suspension droop. This will cause accelerated driveshaft wear. - See more at:

    Kit includes:
    • New double cardan C.V. driveshaft (custom lengths available)
    • Transfer case yoke (you will need to re-use your dust shield)
    • Dana 30 Pinion yoke with U- bolt kit for fastening driveshaft to transfer case yoke

    Once I get the stock drive shaft off i don't know to proceed.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    - See more at:

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    Default Re: Upgrade Front drive shaft on 2004 WJ

    After owning Wranglers for 20 years I now have a WK so this greatly interests me. That looks like a great kit.
    The main thing you must do correctly is installing the yoke on the diff. It is critical that the crush sleeve gets the proper torque.
    I cannot tell you how to do this but I would surely take my time and find someone who knows how to do it properly.
    Are you using a new crush sleeve or will you try to work with the old one? It is best to use a new one.
    The crush sleeve sets the pinion preload and is essential for setting up a diff properly. A factory service manual or something similar would spell out the process. It may be that you could find a shop that would do it pretty reasonable.
    I'll be keeping my eye on this thread.

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    Default Re: Upgrade Front drive shaft on 2004 WJ

    In order to PROPERLY replace the crush sleeve you'll need to remove the carrier or at the very least move it forward enough so that the pinion and ring gear teeth do not engage.

    After that you simply install the new crush collar and pinion yoke and tighten until the proper rotating torque is achieved.

    Simple stuff if you have the right tools.

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    Default Re: Upgrade Front drive shaft on 2004 WJ

    Was mentioning it might not be crush sleeve but it is.
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